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User friendly insight in your versions

All changed items neatly organized per catalog and file. Deleted items are red, new items are green and changed items are orange. Just press the items you want. Still to many results? Use the search filter to get to the details you want to see.


View the changes made to scripts

Click the script you want to inspect and quickly find the lines that have been changed. The line numbers correspond with the line numbers in FileMaker, easy!


Wicked fast!

Where other tools run out of memory or take forever to process the DDR or file, FM Version uses cloud computing to do the hard work and leaves your computer at ease. FM Version crunches through thousand’s of changes without delay. Search, sort and inspect changes in a snap!


View field changes

Click the field you want to inspect and look at the changes made to the fields.


Run audits

Our top FileMaker developers have come together and came up with common mistakes and best practices. We have collected these suggestions and created a new functionality that finds locations where your database does not comply and marks them for you.

New tests will be added regularly!